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Ola Olu Hospital, Ilorin, Kwara, Nigeria

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Hospital Staff

173 Muritala Muhammed Way,
P.O. Box 188,
Ilorin, Nigeria


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Welcome to Ola Olu Hospital


The hospital celebrated 40 years of its existence on July 1, 2009 with a thanksgiving service. It was an opportunity both to look back and also to look forward. We looked back at the events of the past forty years in order to learn from them. We also looked forward to future prospects and future direction for the hospital. Considering the future, it became clear that while every effort should be made to consolidate past achievements, new dimensions of service to our community required to be more

A Brief History of the Hospital

Ola Olu Hospital was established on July 1, 1969. It started as a single-doctor private medical practice but has since grown into a solid partnership in which three medical practitioners have worked together amiably since 1973. Dr Samuel Oladele Oloruntoba, the founder of the Hospital has remained its Medical Director since inception in 1969. Dr Joseph Sunday Oyinloye joined the establishment in 1971 while Dr Babatunde Olusesan Awesu came on board in 1973. The three doctors have operated an uncommonly solid partnership since that more


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Ola Olu Hospital provides a holistic and comprehensive primary health care service. Its impact has been so far-reaching that it has variously been described as the “neighborhood hospital” and “the annual harbinger of the Christmas season.” In its services the hospital seeks to care for the total more